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Pink Citron Grapefruit - Luxe Candle

Pink Citron Grapefruit - Luxe Candle

€ 99,00

Merk: Voluspa
Inhoud: 850gr

80 branduren


Notes of Ripe Citron Grapefruit, Tart Cassis & Subtle Rose.

Pucker up for a kiss from the sun. Fall in love with an explosion of exuberantly ripe pink grapefruit and succulent starfruit, flourishing in a natural orchard habitat. Caressed by wild rose bushes and lush cassis berry vines - Pink Citron Grapefruit is a ray of light and positively mouth-watering. Let the sunshine in.

There is no shortage of luxury in our Maison Luxe Jar Candle. Voluspa's signature Maison pattern wraps the vessel in an elegant emboss from base to lid. The triple wick configuration transforms the ambience with its reflective glow, creating a generous wax pool to ensure abundant fragrance throw. As a finishing touch, the candle is perfectly designed to fit in the depression of the lid when lit.

Tip Citrus / Floral The performance opens with the clear and vibrant voices of the illustrious Sevilla Clementine, Mulberry Nectar and California Plum. This dazzling fruit is joined in chorus by Freesia, Pink Wisteria, and Chinese Peony, the renowned harmony trio the forming the floral heartbeat of the ensemble. Enhancing this symphony of scent are featured soloists: Blue Lotus, Mirabelle and Violet, each adding classic color to the blossoming melody. This superbly dynamic group of performers broadcasts a masterful composition of vivid, fruit and floral pageantry.

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